I am sick of being over-weight! I have had some success at losing, then I get comfortable and gain. It isn't that I don't know how to lose weight. Anyone who has known me very long knows that I can do an  absolutely incredible job of losing weight. Time to prove it to my new friends I can and to continue my journey

I am shooting for 60 pounds. Watch the Ticker count down as I lose.  I am not on a race, I am 51 years and 8.5 months young. Didn't gain over-night so won't lose over-night.  I am not trying to be skinny, but to obtain a healthy weight by following a nutritionally sound plan. Don't talk to me about faddish style diets; it will fall on deaf ears. You must eat to lose, my 33 years as a nurse has taught me that much.  I endorse methods that include eating from all food groups, cutting the fat and partaking of healthy carbohydrates.  I am a calorie counter; I am a bit obsessive about it when I get on-track. It is as  if I trade one obsession for another.  I have kept food logs for years and can just about provide you with the nutritional information on most food items.  I understand the digestive process, BMI, metabolism and insulin balance.  What I lost sight of was caring enough about myself to get the show on the road.

So flood me with positive encouragement and I will do the same for you.    My sight is public as I have no shame. So my students if you are peeking in to see what Ms. M is up to, cheer me on as well.

Love Gretchy aka Gee aka Mama Gee aka Ms. M
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